With just over two months to go, how are you feeling?
Everything’s going really well. I’ve been gagging to do a two or three-hour long run, but Ben’s keeping me in check.

What’s your approach to nutrition like at the moment?
I’ve always struggled with the nutrition side of things, so I’m dying to see Ruth (McKean, ASICS Pro Team dietician).

And what do you hope to get out of your chat with the ASICS coaches?
I’m quite driven and determined, but I wouldn’t say I’ve got any mental tricks, as such. I guess I just go into survival mode and take it mile by mile – if that means running nine-minute miles it means running nine-minute miles. But I want to, in a way, get out of that mindset because I think that’s almost giving in; I need to be able to keep the pace up.

I’m going to ask Sarah (Connors, ASICS Pro Team phsyio), actually, what she recommends for the last 10K or so, because that’s when I start thinking, s**t, I’m going to cramp here, and that always weighs me down a bit.

If I can get those two things nailed – the nutrition and the mentality in the last few miles – I’ll get as close to that sub-3 as I can.

Like I’ve said before, I’ve only got one go at it, and if I can’t get it with you lot I won’t be going back for it again, because I’m getting on now and I always wanted sub-3:30, which I got. Sub-3 is just me being greedy!