The Gower Half Marathon

Tim Major shares his thoughts on a wet and windy Gower Half Marathon, the final chapter of this year's Project Trail


After four months of hard training, Project Trail’s Tim Major took part in the EnduranceLife Gower Half Marathon. We caught up with him to to talk biblical weather, local brew and what he plans to do next.

Hills, driving rain, howling wind – we hear the Gower Half was pretty brutal. Tell us more…

It was certainly tough. The weather and the conditions underfoot made even the flat bits challenging – and there weren’t many of those)! The hills and mud were leg-sapping and it was definitely harder than I anticipated. I expect the locals thought we were soft, though – it was probably just another November day in South Wales for them!

Despite the conditions, was it enjoyable?

There were definitely a couple of moments when I peered out from my hood, wiped the rain out of my wind battered eyes and thought I might be able to see a nice view! Ha ha, seriously though, I had a great weekend and loved the thrill of racing again.

Any interesting anecdotes from the race or weekend?

What happens on Project Trail stays on Project Trail. Let’s just say we made the most of the post-race Gower Power (which I had presumed was an energy drink but it materialised was a more potent local brew), had a few fights over the foam roller and considered eating a couple of gerbils. I’ve said too much already.

What was the best part about Project Trail?

It’s been as much about a change of mindset as it has been an improvement in my running. I’ve realised that I’ve always held myself back from committing 100% to running because of a fear of failure. Being treated like an athlete, given access to a world-class coach – Robbie Britton – and having the focus of the magazine has forced me to break those shackles. It’s been a revelation and I can honestly say one of the best things I’ve ever done. So thank you!

 So, what’s next? Project Ultra?

I’m 100% up for Project Ultra! My ambitions have definitely been inflated by Project Trail and it feels like a natural progression to start looking at running longer distances. I’ve already signed up for an ultra in the Lakes next summer and am looking at perhaps getting one in before then. Watch this space!


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