Gordon Ramsay Q&A

We caught up with the celebrity chef to talk marathons, medals and being outrun by the missus

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He’s best known for lambasting wannabe chefs, but away from the kitchen Gordon Ramsay is far from a couch potato. The Hell’s Kitchen star is a keen runner and triathlete – something that he says keeps his weight in check and offers rare opportunities to take his mind of the day job. We caught up with Ramsay to chew the fat and delve into his love of running.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Haribo sweets.

What does running mean to you?
I’ve been running for a decade now. At first, I ran because I was getting fat – it can easily happen to chefs – but now I actually enjoy the time out running. You’re on your own, just with your thoughts. It’s a great release from day-to-day business.

What was your best ever run?
It has to be the Comrades Ultramarathon in South Africa. It really is something else and you get to see some amazing parts of the country.

What is the most important lesson running has taught you?
It has just kept me sane. I’m a happier person when I’ve been out for a run.

Who, if anyone, is your running hero?
Mo Farah.

If you could run one race before you die, what would it be?
The North Pole Marathon.

What’s people’s greatest misconception about running?
That it’s boring.

What’s your most cherished running possession?
Not so much a cherished possession, but I do like a hat and sunglasses so I can run unnoticed.

What medal are you most proud of?
I actually have two – the ones from my first London Marathon and the Ironman World Championships.

What’s your most embarrassing running moment?
When my wife very publicy whipped my ass at one year’s London Marathon. She caught up with me and I said, “Great, shall we finish together?’ She said, “No chance” and shot off.

What winds you up more: poorly run restaurants or a poor running performance?
Poorly run restaurants.

Who’s the better runner: you or Michel Roux Jnr?
Michel Roux Jnr – he is like a whippet!

City streets or country lanes?
Country lanes.

Music or the sound of silence?

Describe yourself as a runner in one word.


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