3 Of The Best Running Headtorches

Whether you’re planning an all-night ultra or an evening run through the park, investing in a headtorch is a bright idea

Petzl TIKKA RXP corail_crop

Petzl Tikka RXP

RRP: £90

Lumens: 215

Battery life: 10hrs

Weight: 115g

The Petzl Tikka RXP is an attractive option for those looking to keep things simple without sacrificing quality. Incredibly simple to use, it essentially has two switches: one on/off switch that also controls lighting levels; and a side button for selecting modes (reactive, constant and red). The reactive lighting monitors the light and adapts the output accordingly, giving the right amount of light when you need it. The strap is also supremely comfortable and holds the head torch firmly in place. It’s power output (215 lumens) and battery life (10hrs) are both slightly less than its bigger brother the Petzl NAO – but, then, that’ll set you back £145. To buy a head torch based on how it looks is to slightly miss the point – you’ll only use it when it’s dark – but this pocket-rocket is slick and stylish all the same. Pick one up – you’ll be beaming with joy.


LED Senser


RRP: £49.95

Lumens: 180

Battery life: 25hrs

Weight: 105g

This is a reliable, no-nonsense head torch with three simple modes: a dim light, a bright light and a flashing light. The fit is excellent, allowing you to run at full pace without the light bouncing around. Its battery life – 25hrs – is also way ahead of a lot of its pricier competitors. It requires three AAA batteries, which could prove to be quite a nuisance to install in the dark. And with only 180 lumens of light, it also doesn’t quite pack the punch of some other head torches. Still, if you’re in the market for a proven, reliable head torch for less than £50, this is the one for you.


Silva Headtorch

Silva Trail Runner II

RRP: £59.99

Lumens: 140

Battery life: 30 hours

Weight: 118g

This is a lightweight headtorch that packs a pretty decent level of illumination by combining a strong spotlight and a wide floodlight. It’s also extremely simple to use: there’s only one button to press and it is plenty large enough. The trade-off between the light output and battery life is something to be considered. Many LED-lamps boast a lot more lumens, and if it’s illumination you’re after, you might want to look at alternatives. This one’s best for long distance races where battery life and weight are key factors.

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