Best recovery kit

From foam rollers to self-massage sticks, we tested the best kit to power your run and recovery

foam rollerTrigger Point Grid X foam foller
RRP: £44.95
The go-to foam roller for the majority of runners, Trigger Point’s Grid X is a premium product with a premium price-tag. The cross-hatching ensures maximum agony – a good thing when it comes to foam rollers – and it’s also sweat-proof and easy to clean. Weight tested to support up to 250kg of load, you can safely put your full bodyweight on the Grid X and even use it to massage your back. Overall, a reliable, hard-wearing and essential piece of kit.

recovery kitSKLZ Accupoint
RRP: £19.99
Lightweight and portable, SKLZ Accupoint bills itself as the quick and easy solution to all manner of sports injuries and back pains. If you have a pain in your back, simply lay the Accupoint on the floor and lie so the problem area of your back is under pressure. Gently massage the area by rolling back and forth to increase tissue mobility and relieve soreness. It’s not, of course, as effective as a sports massage, but it is the cheap and ever-present alternative.

compression sockE3CD Twist Compression Sock
RRP: £48.99
A revolutionary two-in-one sock that boosts performance and aids recovery. The design is simple: when running, the compression zone sits over the shin, easing shin splints and allowing the less compressed calf muscle to expand; when recovering, twisting the sock 180 degrees compresses the calves, helping to drain away toxins and ease post-run soreness. It’s easy to get overawed by technical jargon, but this is undoubtedly a useful and innovative bit of kit.

The Stick
RRP: £34.99
the stickSimple and remarkably effective, The Stick – of which there are nine varieties, offering different lengths and levels of firmness – is your very own portable masseuse. The design – a central rod with rotating spindles in the middle and handles either side – looks a little simplistic, but when rolled with pressure on the problem area, The Stick can be just as effective as a foam roller – particularly on the quads and calves.


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