Four summer shorts

Men's Running has a 'brief' encounter with four essential summer shorts

Brooks Clothing


5” Essential Short


There’s an old Fry and Laurie sketch where the two main protagonists are discussing the best type of trouser fly. “Are you a zip or button man?” says the Fry character. “Neither, I’m a Velcro man,” comes the reply. At MR Towers, the debate rages about the acceptable length of short – are you a 3.5”, a 5”, 8” or even 12” kind of guy? For those who are looking for a halfway house, this 5” short from Brooks offers a good solution. These shorts do exactly what they say on the tin: no bells or whistles, just a couple of handy pockets, reflectivity and a comfortable, modest fit. Definitely part of our summer wardrobe.


Woven 7 inch short


7” Short


This was one of the longer shorts we tested, at 7 inches. These are slim-fitting shorts made from a lightweight stretch material woven with moisture management extra breathability and comfort. Extra features include an elasticated waistband and with draw cord for adjustability and a zip pocket at the back for storage.






If you’re off a squeamish disposition, then look away – these shorts are short! That said, they are surprisingly comfortable, but we’d understand if you wanted a bit of extra material. Made from Puma’s CoolCELL, they are highly breathable: the material draws sweat away from your skin while anatomically placed air-flow features provide good temperature regulation to keep you cool and dry during exercise. Folded key pockets provide room for keys and small MP3 devices.



North Face

GTD Running Short


Off-road brand The North Face (TNF) makes cool kit; in fact, I once swapped a mobile phone for a TNF gilet, that’s how much I wanted it. This tee might not be everyone’s cup of tea with its acid looks and psychedelic graphics, but it does offer a great fit, and the lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric delivers excellent breathability, which is exactly what you’ll need come spring time.


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