Keep on your toes with a 15% discount

Nobody wants sweaty socks while they’re pounding the pavements or sprinting across the countryside. Nor do they want their feet riddled with blisters and bacteria. Separation of the toes stops friction between the toes, offers freedom of movement hence enhance performance. TOETOE Socks use EPT (Enhanced Proprioception Technology) to ensure continues communication between our feet and brain and much more often than it would happen with conventional socks.

TOETOE Limited, have a range of socks to make running more enjoyable, including ergonomic socks designed for running while wearing trainers.

Their new running trainer socks can offer exceptional performance, enabling you to enjoy better foot function. Increasing the awareness of toes and feet anatomically enables us to use them much more efficiently. Highly comfortable and protecting against blisters, fungus and bacteria, these toe socks will ensure excess moisture if wicked away by engineered wicking material. They offer a fantastically precise cushioning on the sole all the way to the achilleas heel to protect feet against impact and offer superb comfort at every step.

If you’re looking for trainer (short) socks, TOETOE Sports Running Trainer Socks are ideal for standard running shoes, including Vibram Five Finger, Fila Skele-Toes, and Adidas adiPure. Since these are unisex socks they are suitable for both men and women.

With a mid-weight thickness, they offer even levels of fabric and they have an arch support band which is highly secure.

Enjoy a 15% discount when first registering at TOETOE. Browse their range of trainer socks for running.