Best Backpacks For Running To Work

5 of the best bags for packing everything you'll need on your run-commute

OMM Ultra 8


A wonderfully straightforward pack best summed up by the two-strap tightening system that provides a close and comfortable fit across all contact points.

Once secure, there’s no bouncing and, with enough room for a change of clothes and a top pocket for storing smaller items, it has everything you need at a very reasonable price.

A front pocket and bottle holder wouldn’t go amiss, although you can attach OMM Go Pods (sold separately).

RRP: £35

Kitbrix The CityBrix

KitBrix The CityBrix

A leviathan of a bag in terms of storage. Undoubtedly the best feature is the 10L capacity ‘Play’ section, with its tarpaulin lining that creates a water-resistant carrier for all your sodden kit.

Up top, the ‘Work’ section features a labyrinth of pockets and sealed sections, and a main compartment big enough to house a 13ins laptop.

Beware the temptation to overfill the sections, which can create something of a, well, brick on your back.

RRP: £89

Salomon Trail 20

Salomon Trail 20

Run-commute bags have to strike a tricky balance between being being lightweight yet roomy enough to pack in all your workday essentials. The Salomon Trail 20L achieves this in some style.

The 20L capacity provides ample room for shoes, shirt and trousers, while there’s a zipped pocket for your valuables and a mesh pocket for a water bottle.

It feels comfortable on and doesn’t bounce around too much. As a bonus, it’s just as effective as a roomy race-day bag.

RRP: £50

run commute bag

Jim Bag Holdall

Not a traditional running pack, but hear us out, because the Jim Bag isn’t just stylish; it’s impressively practical.

A capacity of 56cm long x 28cm wide x 28cm deep means you can pack about twice as much kit as you could with a standard pack.

The handles double up as shoulder straps, which sit comfortably, and, although not fully waterproof, we found the material did a decent job of repelling all but the worst of the British weather.

RRP: £49.99

DHB Slice 15L Rucksack

BEST ON A BUDGET – dhb Slice 15L Rucksack

A running rucksack should be a reliable and easy-wearing companion, and dhb’s Slice bag is just that.

Featuring a main compartment, a second compartment, an outer drinks pocket and chest and waist straps, it has most areas covered. The 15L model comes in at just under £20, too, making it a great low-budget choice for runners who travel light.

It does suffer in terms of storage space, though, so opt for the 30L option (£26.99) if packing large items.

RRP: £19.99


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