7 of the best running backpacks

Whether it's a run to work or long-distance race, we've got your back

best running backpacksOMM Phantom 12
RRP: £99.95
OMM backpacks have gained a top reputation for good reason. Its latest product, the Phantom 12, is an exciting next step. Incredibly light – a mere 200g – it’s billed as a racing pack, but it could work equally well as a run-to-work option. Its 12-litre capacity will hold all your daily essentials, although a 20-litre version is also available for those looking to squeeze in a little more. A fully adjustable harness ensures a bounce-free ride from a product that’s leader of the pack.


best running backpacksOsprey Rev 6 backpack
RRP: £93
When it comes to running packs, Osprey are a force to be reckoned with. The Rev 6 fits like a dream, keeps bounce to a minimum, comes with a built-in 1.5L reservoir and is compact and light enough to be barely noticeable. While the heavily-laiden run-commuter may find it too small, the ultra or multi-stage runner will be hard-pushed to find a better designed piece of kit.


best running backpacksSalomon Skin Pro 3 Set
RRP: £100
The best thing about Salomon’s running pack is the stretchable, form-fitting design, which greatly reduces bounce. At just 260g, it’s supremely lightweight and it’s equipped with a 1.5-litre bladder and all the usual Salomon technologies, including a 4D pole holder and a so-called ‘custom system’ – allowing you to tailor your bag to the trail with customisable add-ons.


best running backpacksSalomon Trail 20
RRP: £50
Another from Salomon, this pack can function well as a run-commute bag. It weighs in at a meagre 430g, yet gives a full 16-litre capacity plus an additional 4-litres for a hydration pack. The lightly padded back sticks to you like glue, while the two adjustable straps keep it from jumping around. Inside, the main compartment is a tighter mesh pocket – the perfect place to stash your lunch.


best running backpacksGregory Miwok 24
RRP: £75
Gregory is an established brand in the world of running backpacks. However, its latest offering – the Miwok 24 – is a refreshing change from the compact, hard-to-pack designs that we’re used to seeing. Perfect for the run to work, it’s a pack that boasts both practicality and comfort. BioSync Suspension technology almost completely cuts out unwanted movement and two external side pockets allow for on-the-move access to your phone or wallet.


best running backpacksNathan Elevation 2L
RRP: £115
Proving that good things come in small packages, this snug backpack is jam-packed with features. Its two-litre capacity means that it’s essentially suited to the commuter who can leave shoes, trousers and a towel at work, but there’s still plenty of room for wallet, phone, keys and a shirt. Its adjustable straps cater for runners of all sizes, and it’s a supremely comfortable fit. There’s a removable water bladder and safety whistle – just in case your commute takes a turn for the worse!


best running backpacksTerra Nova Laser 10 Pack
RRP: £35
A poorly designed running pack can turn a long-distance adventure into an uncomfortable slog. Fortunately, that can’t be said of Terra Nova’s Laser 10 Pack. Stripped back in design, with a main compartment, two side pockets and a small mesh inner pocket, its beauty is in its simplicity – and in its weight (or lack of it). A water bladder can be easily clipped to the inside and there’s ample cushioning to protect your back from the contents of the bag. At £35, consider it a bargain bagged.


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