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MR brings you the gloves, hats, tights, socks and jackets to keep you warm this Christmas

It’s that time of the year when everything gets a little bit darker, and everything feels a little bit colder. Which is why you should make sure you stay nice and warm this Christmas. And you can do so with our help, as we compile a list of the best winter running gear.


Asics Winter Gloves – RRP £25Asics gloves

Lightweight, super reflective and windproof, these are a great all-rounder. They make for a nice fit too. ASICS are a powerhouse of good running gear and these won’t disappoint. They also have a touch function enabling smartphone usage – a deal-clincher in our eyes. 

Reebok Thermal Running Glove – RRP £19.99 on sale mid-November

Screen shot 2015-10-22 at 09.49.17

Luminously lit, textured grip and integrated touch fabric for smartphones – this glove has the lot. It’s got the balance right between being thick enough to keep you warm with the thermal technology, and it being thin enough for it to be a tight fit. It’s not on sale until mid-November, and then it will be found on Amazon.


Ronhill Merino 200 – RRP £20


Ronhill is the master of classy running wear and the Merino 200 is no exception. For those who like to stand out when they run, the reversible red design, coupled with the reflective branding, fits the bill. Alternatively, the grey design is understated enough to be worn on the run or on the high street. Fit-wise, there’s no movement at all, making it a solid option for quicker night runs or when the temperature drops. Merino wool construction is breathable as you like and the odour-wicking capabilities aren’t to be sniffed at. 

Montane Logo Beanie – RRP £20

Montane beanie_1

Stylish in electric blue and tangerine, the Logo Beanie will make you look chic on the mountain peak. It’s packed with impressive practical features, too, including an internal fleece headband that wicks sweat, helping to keep your head dry even when you’re pushing hard.

It’s made from 50% wool, 50% acrylic and has a six-seam crown, giving it a snug fit around your bonce. Available in a number of colour schemes – from black to yellow – this is a top product worthy of gracing any head. 


Skins A200 Thermal Tight – RRP £60


These flashy looking thermals offer the usual high standard of comfort and compression that you’d expect from Skins, but an altogether more toasty package. The overall fit is soft and comfortable and, despite their snugness, they’re relatively roomy in all the right places.

Tribesports Running Tights – RRP £35


While Tribesports’ Running Tights lack the compression capabilities of some of its competitors, the snug-fitting, warm and lightweight feel is second to none. While this is a product made with winter running in mind, the breathable, sweat-wicking material is equally suited to warmer pursuits. Don’t let the affordable price fool you; this £35 will go a very long way. 



Little do brands specialise in winter running socks, so it’s time to opt for the best two socks out there. Feetures are the benchmark when it comes to the bespoke running sock. Breathability, thin, blister-free and moisture absorbent to stop your feet getting clammy and sweaty.

Bridgedale Speed Demon

With all the other layers on, it’s important to still your feet ventilated. Which is handy as the Bridgedale Speed Demons specialise in breathability. Rather uniquely they also have anti-shock cushioning, which adds extra comfort. Especially for you gnarly trail folk!


North Face Animagi Jacket – RRP £110

North Face 000_HI_CKR2-JK3-0

With the Animagi Jacket, you get a lightweight, unrestrictive, warm-as-you-like overlayer that also happens to look pretty good. Primaloft eco material is fast-drying and thermal-efficient, making it equally effective in the pouring rain or icy cold. Perhaps the greatest feat of the Animagi, though, is the fact that it’s so lightweight and movable, meaning your winter running doesn’t have to be a heavy-kitted slog. 

Montane PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Active – RRP £100

Montane Fireball Verso Pull on with PrimaLoft Active-1

The reversible design of the jacket gives two options: the first, a Pertex Quantum layer to resist wind and rain, and the second, a one air-permeable Hypervent layer for warmer conditions. The real star of the show, though, is the 40g of Primaloft Silver insulation which comes into its own when the cold begins to bite.

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