Garmin Vivofit

Count your steps, distance travelled and calories burned on Garmin's latest contraption



The vívofit looks like the shiny offspring spawned from an illicit tryst between a Nike FuelBand and a Fitbit Flex. In other words, it looks like just about every other activity tracker. On the plus side, it has a curved always-on display and simple one-button interface.

Getting started

Unlike most activity trackers, the vívofit is powered by two coin cell batteries. This means it can go for up to a year without having to be recharged. That, and the fact that it can synch wirelessly to the Garmin Connect app, makes it easy to set up.


The vívofit does all the things you’d expect of an activity tracker – counting steps, distance travelled, exercise time and calories burned, with all the data explained and visualised in the accompanying Connect app. It also measures inactivity, letting you know when you need to get up and about and start moving again.


The vívofit does a reasonable job of tracking sleep. It monitors your rest and lets you know, via your Connect page, your total sleeping time, along with restful sleep and any time you might have been thrashing around with the night terrors.


It’s early days for the vívofit and it’s too early to work out if it’s a real contender. But the big screen, the sleep tracking and the extended battery life mean it could make a dent in an overcrowded market.




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