Project Trail: “I Want To Go Further and Further”

Project Trail recruit Nic Porter wants to use this opportunity to push himself to the limit

Nic Porter Project Trail

Nic’s looking forward to clocking some serious miles

I entered Project Trail for two main reasons: I want to push myself to go further and further in my running (I’m lining up my first 100-mile race in March 2018 in New Zealand), and this was the perfect opportunity to get some structured training under my belt.

My first ever race was an ultra – 60K across the forests and woodlands in New Zealand, and it was such an amazing experience. We were told in that race that there was a small unsupported section (which turned out to be 30K long!) and it was the most amazing experience I’ve had running. There was nobody around us and we were about 50K away from the nearest road so all you could hear was the birds, your own footsteps and the occasional wild pig running across the trail.

Ever since then I’ve loved getting out onto the trails and away from the city. Even in London we run as much on Richmond Park trails as we can or head up to the Peaks or the Lakes to run in the hills.

I run a lot with my wife and it’s great to get to spend some quality time together on the roads or the trails. We even plan our holidays around which races we want to do! This year it’s ultras in Sweden and Wendover (of course) and next year it’s Boston and London in the space of a week…

Wish me luck!


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