What’s In The Mag? January 2017

The dos and don'ts of Christmas running, 30 of the best running gadgets and how to become a truly tough runner

Men's Running January 2017

With Christmas just two weeks away, our Gentleman’s Guide takes a look at how to stay fit amid the festivities. From how to clear your Christmas hangover, to what running-related gift you definitely shouldn’t buy your auntie.

Men's Running January 2017

Speaking of keeping fit, editor Rick Pearson takes to the water in an attempt to find out how Stand Up Paddleboarding can provide a cardiovascular workout – and boost your running.

Men's Running January 2017

Little one making it difficult to get out for a run? There’s one simple solution: take them with you. Buggy running has soared in popularity over the last couple of years, and this issue pushy parent extraordinaire Martin Yelling explains how you, too, can have a wheely good time (sorry).

Men's Running January 2017

Alternatively, you could stay in and oggle at the best running tech on the market. Our Ultimate Tech Guide – a comprehensive list of 30 of the best running gadgets – will have any stats-driven runner reaching for a new watch quicker than you can say, “split times.”

Men's Running January 2017

And our lead feature, ‘Suffer Club’, asks an uncomfortable questions: when you run, are you trying hard enough? The answer, we’re afraid to report, is probably not. Find out how you can give it your all and improve your mental toughness.

As always, we’ve also got all the latest news and reviews to keep you running strong as the cold nights begin to draw in.

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