Find your best distance

Answer the following questions to find out what type of running you're best suited to

find your best running distance

  1. What type of running do you enjoy the most?

    1. Going for a super slow plod and chatting to friends
    2. Interval workouts, pitting yourself against the clock in a controlled way
    3. Anything fast, hard and furious.
    4. None of it
  1. At school sports days were you…

    1. Not picked for anything
    2. Did almost every event ranging from long jump to high jump to 400 metres
    3. King/queen of the sprint race
    4. Smoking in the bike shed
  1. When you’re out running you feel…

    1. Like you can just keep on going and going. You’re in control
    2. Anything under an hour is just great, it gets harder after that
    3. Quickly puffed, tired and aching as distance increases
    4. Dead
  1. The majority of your training week is made up of…

    1. Long steady runs
    2. Gym sessions, mixed paced running and sustained efforts
    3. Speed sessions and power workouts.
    4. Work
  1. What body shape are you?

    1. Thin, long and rangy
    2. Stocky, muscular and powerful
    3. Wider at the hips than the shoulders.
    4. Who cares?
  1. When running…

    1. You switch off and find solitude in time away
    2. You lapse in and out of running concentration
    3. You’d rather be racing someone!
    4. You must be dreaming
  1. A speed session on the track is…

    1. Something to be avoided at all costs
    2. Done occasionally for the training benefit
    3. Perfect fuel for your running mojo
    4. Unheard of

What did you pick?

Mostly 1s. You’re naturally an endurance animal. You love eating up the miles and going the full distance – the longer the better. You’re able to put yourself in cruise control and tap out the miles. You’re well suited to marathon running and ultra running. You’re not so motivated by times or performance but love the journey as opposed to the destination.

Mostly 2s. You enjoy the variety of running and racing. You’re an economical runner but don’t respond well to long-distance training or enjoy long races. You are best suited to distances between 10K and half marathon. 10K is right up your street but the half is a great challenge. You’ve thought about a marathon but felt it’s a step too far.

Mostly 3s. Speed is your thing. You’re in your competitive element running 5Ks and shorter distance. You’re able to switch on the burners and produce a turn of speed, sometimes even a sprint finish. You haven’t got the stamina or motivation for longer distances but do enjoy the pain of pushing your limits over shorter distances.

Mostly 4s. Are you actually a runner? Perhaps you should start!


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