Stereotypes: The Running Hippy

Peace, man! Meet the chia-chomping, sandal-wearing, tattoo-sporting running hippy

the running hippy

Because when you’re running free, there’s no time for trivial things like haircuts. The headband keeps his carefree locks out of his eyes, and also looks totally rad.

Handed to him by a North American shaman, the necklace is said to bring happiness, good fortune and  a hearty dose of cliché to all who wear it.

Pack of chia seeds
Because energy gels are so full of additives, man. The running hippy fuels his run on nothing but chia. He plans on growing his own, but until then he’s happy to spend £10 per organically grown pack.

Copy of Born to Run
Like a bare-chested missionary, the running hippy is on a one-man quest to spread the barefoot revolution. Non-barefoot-believers simply have to be converted, because although they’ve been running perfectly well up till now, they are blind to the evil that cushions their feet.

When he’s nailing those gnarly descents in Boulder, Colorado, the running hippy can’t be confined by cloth: he needs to feel the wind against his chest, to be at one with the elements, and to get some air to his latest tattoo.

Sanskrit tattoo
While running through the foothills in northern India, something a local farmer said really made an impression on the running hippy: something about peace and love. Unfortunately, he caught the tattoo artist on a bad day, and what’s written on his leg is far from peaceful, but hey, it looks cool.

Running sandals
An extension of his holistic approach to life, sandals allow the running hippy to stay in tune with his body and his surroundings.

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