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With the power of technology we are now able to look at things in much finer detail than we were before. This, for example, is one of those occasions.

Formula 1 drivers are generally known to exhibit extraordinary levels of fitness, which may come as surprise to some who don’t follow the sport, but, just how fit are they?

Take a look at Jenson Button’s breakdown (link below).

Button completed his second marathon in 2:52:30, having trained around his busy race and test schedule. The British racer recorded his fastest mile at the very beginning of the race, 6:20/mi, before settling down to a pace of around 6:30/mi. Button’s pace also then slowed at miles 17 and 18, down to 6:36 and 6:50 respectively. He then produced a speedy mile 19 at 6:21/mi. He then slowed for the punishing mile 25 to a pace of 6:49/mi.

The remarkable Steve Way is proof that hard work and dedication pay off. He has transformed himself from a 20-a-day smoker that weighed over 100kg to the holder of the British 100km record in just 8 years. The 40 year old finished the 2015 London Marathon in 2:35:46.

Data uploaded showed that Way made a steady start, titling his activity as a training run (ahead of some ultra run races), with a gentle first mile of 5.58/mi, his joint-slowest of the whole race. He then ran quite consistently running in the early 5:50/mi, slowing only slightly at the famously tough 16, 17 and 18 mile sections. This was followed by Way’s fastest mile, mile 19, at 5:11/mi. He then hits the toughest section of the race at mile 25, where he slowed to 5:54/mi.

The efforts of the pair cost them an estimated 3,700 calories each.

Jenson Button’s 2015 London Marathon –

Steve Way’s 2015 London Marathon –

Button vs Way:,7f91EQ==

Click the link to watch a virtual reply of Steve Way’s run against Button’s!

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