Corey Bellemore: Beer Mile World Record Holder

He's the world's best at running while drunk. MR meets Corey Bellemore than new beer mile world record holder

beer mile world record

On Sunday 31 July, Corey Bellemore ran a mile in 4:34. Pretty quick, you might think, but what makes Bellemore’s mile so remarkable is that he did it while chugging four premium strength lagers at the Beer Mile World Classic. The 21-year-old Canadian (all the best beer milers are Canadian, for some reason) talked with MR after setting the world record.

How does it feel to be a World Record holder?

It’s pretty sweet. This is a legit event – it’s cool to have an official world record, rather than the unofficial one I had before. It was cool to have a crowd and photo timing and for the whole thing to be on video.

Er, cool. Are we right in thinking you were flown over here on the back of an amateur film of you setting an unofficial Beer Mile world record?

Yeah, that’s right. On Thursday night, I’d done a full day’s work, my friend came over with a six-pack and said: “Let’s do a beer mile and see if you can get the world record.” So I did a beer mile that night, jus before dark, in 4:39. I think people knew it was legit, but they wanted to see it in an actual race so the organisers flew me over.

What would be your top tips for any aspiring beer milers?

Learn to drink quickly – you’ve got to open your throat. And learn to get the burps out early – do it in the first 100m of each lap otherwise you’re probably going to puke!

WATCH: Bellemore (and MR‘s Isaac Williams) in action below:

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