Bucket list: #2 Western States 100

Why this epic 100-miler is one race to try before you die

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What? The granddaddy of ultramarathons, the Western States 100 is the world’s oldest and most prestigious 100-mile race

When? 27-28 June, 2015

Where? From Squaw Valley to Auburn in California

Why? You’ll be following in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest ultrarunners – and the scenery’s pretty spectacular too

How much? Race entry: (US)$370 (about £217). Return flight from London Heathrow to Fresno CA: £900.Two nights in a hotel in Squaw Valley: £130. Post-race beverage: £3 (plus tip, of course). Total: £1,230

How tough? The Western States is a beast. Eighteen thousand feet of ascent. Twenty-three thousand feet of descent. Temperatures that pinball from baking to Baltic. Only the brave need apply

What’s the record? 14:46:44 – Timothy Olson (US)

How do I enter? With difficulty. Entrants must have either a) finished a 100K race in less than 16 hours or b) finished a 100-mile race within the allotted time period. Assuming you have, you then get entered into a lottery. But don’t hold your breath: your likelihood of being chosen is about eight per cent. Full detail here: www.wser.org


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