Bucket List: New York Marathon

Why America’s showcase marathon is a must-do race


What? A stellar 44-year-old event that’s now the world’s largest and most popular marathon

When? Sunday 2 November, 2014

Where? New York – cutting through all five boroughs of the city

Why? Watched on television by 315 million people around the world, the premier 26.2-mile road race draws over 100,000 applicants each year. It’s a truly spectacular occasion.

How much? Race entry: $347 (for international applicants/around £207). Return flight from London Heathrow to New York: £900. Two nights in a hotel: £150. Post-race beverage: £3 (plus tip, of course) Total: £1,260.

How tough? The New York City Marathon is a gem of a race. But it’s busy, crowded and can prove extremely testing. Most participants consider it a negative split course; so don’t fly off too quickly – as it’ll come back to bite you towards the end.

What’s the record? 2:05:06 – Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya)

How do I enter? The event is extremely popular, with runners from all over the globe eager to get involved. So, you can either enter via their lottery system, through guaranteed entry or through the marathon’s charity program.


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