Gentleman's Guide To: Running With Your Partner

Don’t push it

Gentle encouragement is fine. If your partner’s ‘uhhming and ahhing’ about lacing up their trainers, simply explain how much better they’ll feel afterwards; how much quality time it affords the two of you, etc. However, if your loved one is stubborn in their refusal, accept it graciously and move on.running with your partnerKeep pace 

Are you going for a gentle plod or a high-intensity workout? Do not underestimate the importance of that question. Leave them in a cloud of ego-tinged dust and you’ll be a one-man team in no time. But struggle to keep up and they might just trade you in for a younger, quicker (probably better looking) model.running with your partner

Change the record 

If, when you finally make it out the door together, your running chat revolves around mortgage repayments, you will begin to associate your runs with the very thing you should be using them as a sanctuary from: domestic life. Use time running with your partner to talk about something completely different – you’ll soon find that you won’t want to stop.

running with your partner

Eyes on the prize

No, you did not notice the beautiful, lycra-clad brunette sprint past: “Quick, was she? Making it look effortless, was she?” “I didn’t notice, darling, I was too busy trying to keep up with you [insert humbled chuckle].”running with your partnerBe a partner, not a coach

Your cruising along, when suddenly you notice her running style. Pounding gait, heel strike, hunched back. This is no time for technique analysis. Your mid-run critique will only serve to elicit days of one-word answers, so hold fire.running with your partner