1. Set realistic goals

Whether you’re just starting your athletic journey, or a seasoned runner, setting clear, realistic goals can keep you motivated throughout the year! Make them challenging, yet achievable!

2. Be Social

Finding a running club or group to train with could be the best choice you’ve ever made! Not only will sessions be more enjoyable, having other people to train with can push you to a whole new level!

3. Pick your races

There are so many races about that it’s easy to get caught up trying to race them all. If you want to run fast, make sure training is your priority and target specific races. If you’re going to run other races, make sure they fit in your program, and don’t taper!

4. Don’t neglect the S&C

Supplement your mileage with a good S&C program. Weight training is often overlooked by runners worried they will put on muscle mass. With the right program you will gain strength, but not bulk, making you faster and preventing injuries through weakness.

5. Get the right gear

Running is one scenario where it’s ok to have lots of shoes! Find a cushioned, comfortable pair for your daily training and a lightweight racing flat for fast sessions and races. Personally I love the Saucony Liberty ISO and Saucony Fastwitch 8!

Ieuan Thomas is a Saucony UK athlete who wears the new Liberty ISO £150.00 www.saucony.co.uk