Top 6 running excuses and how to lace up anyway

Think of a reason to say yes not no!

Top 6 running excuses and how to lace up anyway

1) “I don’t have the time to run”

Number one excuse – but never a valid reason. We all have busy lifestyles, whether it’s work related or family commitments, but realistically we can all find the time for half an hour of exercise.

Quick fix:

Organise your time wisely – delegate responsibilities. Make running a priority in your weekly schedule and make little sacrifices here and there to ensure you have enough time. The more you value running, the more time you’ll set aside for it.

 2) “I’m too tired to run”

How many times has someone cancelled a running session with the excuse that they’re too tired? “I had a late night”, “I need a lie in”, “I can’t be bothered”. This explanation is the most common among those who actually have the time to spare, but simply lack the inclination to run.

Quick fix:

Make sure you get a regular sleeping pattern. Devote yourself to early nights the day before a scheduled run. Don’t forget, you don’t always have to go running at the crack of dawn – opt for later in the day. Why not clear your mind with an evening run?

3) “I’ll get bored easily”

Those who haven’t tried running normally use this excuse. I’ll grant you that training on a treadmill in a gym can be terrifyingly tedious – and that’s why the great outdoors holds the key. Stop watching re-runs, and head out of the front door – there is a world out there!

Quick fix:

Devise a fun, running course. Passing familiar or interesting landmarks or challenging obstacles such as hills and off-road trails will inspire you. Music is also a godsend. Pop a couple of headphones in each ear and let that electro house music galvanise you! (That’s my cup of tea anyway…)

 4) “I’m just not motivated to run”

There are no boundaries or limits to how far you can go in running. Whether you’re running to lose weight, get fit or prepare for a marathon, there is always another step up in the world of running. Try and follow a programme that isn’t too prescriptive and has enough variety to keep you sane.

Quick fix:

Create a new, exciting training programme with a realistic goal to work towards. Set yourself short-term and long-term targets within 12 months to accomplish, whether that’s a race or a new personal best. Don’t give up!

 5) “It’s too cold or hot outside”

Brits love moaning about our indecisive weather – so it should come as no surprise this is a frequent excuse to not lace up those running shoes. Whether we experience a heatwave and the sweat is dripping in bucket loads, or a harsh winter where our perspiration freezes into icicles, the weather should not be a excuse for hitting the trails/roads.

Quick fix:

If it’s baking hot, ensure you keep hydrated and take a drink with you. At the other end of the thermometer, a chilly winter’s morning is only cold until you get running. If that doesn’t work, both climates can be solved by a trip to the gym (although see point 3 above).

6) “I’m too self-conscious to run by myself”

You may initially think this is an odd excuse at first, but it’s surprising the number of men who are worried about running solo. Whether it’s insecurity about their looks, their ability or their technique, this is an excuse which we hear only too often.

Quick fix:

The solution is pretty simple – take a mate. Find a friend who’ll trek those first miles with you and enjoy their company. You never know, you both may flourish as running partners and move onto bigger things. Or, after some mean calorie-burning sessions, you may pluck up the courage to go out on your own and take on the world.

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