6 tips for tower runners

Stair running experts provide their top tips


Fancy yourself as a tower – or stair – runner? Follow top tips from our experts, all champions in the sport

1) “The only way to train for running up staircases is to run up staircases.” Thomas Dold

2) “If the race is short, it’s possible to take the stairs three at a time.” Piotr Lobodzinski

3) “In the staircase you have no nature around you; no spectators to give you a boost; nothing to motivate you. So you have to be very strong mentally so that you can push yourself right to the rooftop.” Thomas Dold.

4) “You need the agility of a cat. Use your hands and work with your whole body, not just your legs.” Piotr Lobodzinski

5) “I always run two stairs at a time, using the handrail to help pull me up.” Suzy Walsham.

6) “It is impossible to ignore the pain. Try to always remember why you are doing your race. That makes it not so painful.” Thomas Dold


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