10 Ways To Find More Time To Run

Don't let a busy life stop you running


10 Ways To Find More Time To Run

Struggling to find time to fit running in around a busy life? Here’s our 10 top tips to make your running work for you

Run commute

You have got to go to work; you have got to get there. Kill the time you may have spent driving, on buses, trains or trams by running. The run commute can be recovery miles, a longer midweek run, a tempo or threshold session or include a series of hill repetitions.

Be ready to run

Have shoes, a watch and whatever else you need – money, refreshment and so on – ready to go. Set your kit out the night before an early morning run. Have trainers in the back of your car at all times – just in case. I would have missed training sessions on numerous occasions had I not previously set out kit.

Do not procrastinate

Do not worry about the weather, where you are going to go or whether you are adequately fed and watered. Just run.

Do not use the ‘too tired’ excuse.

Life is tiring, even more so with children. Yes running is tiring, but it is also energising and you will feel, if not less tired then certainly more satisfied after your run.

Buy a running buggy

They are not cheap and they are bulky, but they guarantee you time outside. The cost alone will compel you to get out and make the most of it.

Improve your efficiency

No one’s perfect and we all have are unproductive moments, but if you need to find time for work, family and running, it pays to be time efficient. Try to become aware of the moments throughout your day (and especially within your regular routines) that you can save time. That could be through multitasking or finding a new way of completing mundane everyday tasks faster. Once you start reassessing your routine you’ll be surprised how much time it’s possible to save.

Establish a routine

Humans are creatures of habit. Make running an indelible part of your daily routine. You will run today. It is as simple as that. You find time for other things. Why not running?


Ensure your partner is explicitly aware of your running plans. I train on Tuesday nights. That is the law in my household. My wife goes out on Thursdays. I unfalteringly abide by her law.

Combine racing with a family outing

This, of course, depends on a number of variables – not least the mood of your loved ones and the length of the race – but why not plan a day out around a race in a notable location or a weekend away at a European marathon destination?

Ditch the Guilt

Remember, nothing is more important that your health and wellbeing. There should be no guilt attached to exercising. Running has innumerable mental and physical health benefits. Be proud your making time to becoming a healthier version of yourself.


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