It was a real team effort. Damian started out with Mark Townsend. “Unfortunately he had a knee problem and had to give up after 300 very gutsy miles, because we had slipped behind the previous FKT.”

Another friend, Tom Jones, crewed for them. “He fed and watered me at all hours, brushed my teeth and changed my undies. Some of that isn’t quite true, although I was that tired, it might be.

“I couldn’t have done it without them. They sweet-talked ferries into waiting for me. Mark also sweet talked me into carrying on sometimes when I’d have rather had a little lie down and a sleep and/or sob.

“The response on social media was amazing and really kept me going. Plus I was fundraising and people on the ground gave me cash donations, free meals and ferry rides. It was heartwarming stuff and a great adventure.”

The FKT attempt was funded by Contours Trail Running Holidays (contourstrailrunningholidays.co.uk), who Mark co-owns, a company that organises running holidays on National Trails.

“What we did was basically a version of what Contours clients get – but on steroids. I’m confident they’ll have a more restful, relaxing time than I did.”

“The scenery was really special though. We have some stunning coastline here in Britain, to rival anywhere in the world. Even if I was sometimes too tired to fully appreciate it.”

Summit Fever Media are making a short film about the trip.