Central London Altitude Challenge

Liven up your training with Soho's Elevation Challenge 2.0 – but be warned, it's not for the faint-hearted

Central London Altitude Challenge

Want to reap the benefits of training at altitude, but don’t fancy the plane journey or time away? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re a Londoner, you can pop down to Third Space, Soho for the ‘Elevation Challenge 2.0’ – and yes, it does sound pretty awesome.

The altitude challenge is located in the heart of London, and offers a good alternative if you aren’t able to fork out on a few days in the mountains.

Last year, the inaugural Elevation Challenge pushed daring competitors to their very limits, and it claims to have upped the anti once more.

The science

It’s been proven that training in conditions with reduced oxygen levels increases power and speed, enhances endurance and stamina, and reduces recovery times.

This is why the likes of Mo Farah and the Brownlee brothers head to St. Moritz, Switzerland for weeks of tough (albeit rather scenic) training each year.

The central London Hypoxic Chamber itself claims to be able to transform a basic one-hour workout at sea level into a 15 minute, high-intensity session.

The challenge isn’t just running focused either as it incorporates a number of full-body exercises, all of which can only aid a runner’s training plan.

The workout

With the altitude set to set to 3000m above-sea-level, participants have to conquer an 800ft Versa Climber and cycle 1.5km on a Watt Bike.

They are then faced with a 50m Skill Mill Sled Push – set to maximum, naturally – before finishing with a 1km Woodway run at a tricky 2% incline.

Members of Third Space’s well-trained staff are also there to provide support throughout too, so there’s no cheating or skipping reps it seems.

Take it on

The challenge runs until 30th September and is open to Third Space members; others can get involved if nominated by participants on social media.

A £10 fee is required to take part in this testing lung-busting workout, and all money raised is donated to the winners’ chosen charity at the end.

The fastest male and fastest female Elevation Challenge 2.0 participants will be announced on 30th September 2017, so give it a go before it’s too late.

To book your place into the Elevation Challenge 2.0, click here.

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