Best UK Endurance Sport Cities

New MoneySuperMarket study reveals London is the best city in the UK for endurance sports

If you find it tricky choosing a race, a new study on endurance events might just provide you with some much-needed help.

MoneySuperMarket has ranked cities across the UK on both the number of events held in the location, as well as the average cost.

It’s been revealed that London is the area with the best overall event options for endurance runners, swimmers, cyclists and more.

The top five locations for running events is also led by London, but followed by Aberdeen, Bath, Swansea and Peterborough.

London hosts 174 events at an average cost of £29.39, while Aberdeen has just 4 events but at a low average cost of £9.98.

The running events list makes interesting reading, as does the overall top five – all of which can be seen below.

Top five cities

  1. Greater London

London had the highest number of events in all sports except for triathlons, with its weakest point being a midrange score for obstacle courses or mud runs, like Tough Mudder.

  1. Coventry 

Coventry had the highest number of triathlons at 30 events, beating London by one – but also having a significantly lower average cost at only £25.54, compared to London’s £40.20 and a national average of £47.75.

  1. Greater Manchester 

Manchester scored highest individually for cycling events, with 136 in total – more than London (113 events), but at an average cost of £24, compared to London’s £9.65.

  1. Bath

Bath had the third most running events in the country, and scored fourth on triathlons and obstacle courses, with an average cost of £28.14 across all sports, compared to a national average of £28.14.

  1. Birmingham 

Birmingham came fifth on swimming and triathlons, but only had 56 events overall, compared to London’s 356 and Manchester’s 175. Its average event cost was £28.69, slightly higher than the national average of £28.14.

For the full MoneySuperMarket infographic, click here

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