UK’s Healthiest Professions

New research reveals the healthiest, and unhealthiest, professions in the UK – where do you rank?

Okay guys, so we finally know who the healthiest workers in the UK are. And no, it’s not the best of news for office workers.

New research suggests that tradespeople, such as plumbers and construction workers, are top of the list when it comes to daily activity.

The results claim that a tradesperson is active for up to seven hours per day, and burns up to a whopping 2,500 calories.

Those who work in marketing and communications are ranked as the most sedentary however, and burn up to just 300 calories per day.

In at number two, behind tradespeople, are fitness and health professionals who are physically mobile for up to five hours per day.

The findings come from IronmongeryDirect’s recent survey of 2,014 adults, and offer some insight into why some adults are unhealthy.

More than half (51%) of those asked blame work pressures, stress and busy schedules for their overall lack of activity.

And 23% of office-based workers admit to eating unhealthy and sugary snacks, like sweets and biscuits, on a regular basis.

The results also reveal that one in five (19%) UK workers take part in a weekly gym session to improve and top up their activity levels.

Interested to see where you rank? Take a look at the lists below:

Top Five Healthiest Jobs

  1. Trades (construction, plumbing) – 7 hours of activity per day
  2. Health and fitness – 5 hours of activity per day
  3. Agriculture – 4.5 hours of activity per day
  4. Retail – 3.5 hours of activity per day
  5. Manufacturing – 3 hours of activity per day

Top Five Unhealthiest Jobs

  1. Information and communication – 0.4 hours of activity per day
  2. Marketing – 0.6 hours of activity per day
  3. Professional service (law accountancy) – 0.7 hours of activity per day
  4. Utilities – 1 hour of activity per day
  5. Government – 1.4 hours of activity per day

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