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Four trail running camps to help you get fitter, stronger and see the world

Photo: Thibault Cassart

Trail running nurtures the soul. It’s the possibility of leaving behind the stress of daily life, to venture out into the wilderness and enjoy contact with nature. It’s a fast-track path to a fitter, stronger and better travelled you.

Explore-Share (Explore-Share.com) offers a collection of fully organised camps in some of the world’s most stunning spots. Along the journey, our in-house Mountain Leader Thibault Cassart as well as a local guide will unveil the destinations’ hidden treasures.

Madeira, Portugal

A three-day programme to discover this lush volcanic island, covered in waterfalls, tunnels and full of rocky ascents. From forest tracks to ridges, Madeira will offer participants a true mountain running experience far away from the crowds, as well as pleasant weather year-round. For beginner/ intermediate trail runners.

Highlands, Scotland

For more experienced runners, this is our trip to the Loch Ness area. “I have been trail running all over Europe and to me Scotland is the best spot,” says Cassart. “I particularly like the breathtaking views, the misty atmosphere and the ridges, which will definitely add some adrenaline to the experience.

Vercors Massif, France

Only suitable for expert trail runners, this demanding four-day programme will take participants on long and technical routes providing runners with an opportunity to sharpen their skills in the high mountain while surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

Atlas Mountains, Morocco

An up-and-coming destination thanks to the infamously gruelling Marathon des Sables. The Atlas mountains are perfect for trail-running. Based in a traditional Berber village, participants will spend five days discovering the Moroccan mountains and deserts in the company of a local guide.

To learn more about these and other trail running programs in or around Europe, visit Thibault Cassart’s profile at Explore-Share.com.

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