3 training rules you have to follow

3 golden rules for beginner runners


1 Follow a plan

Finding a training plan that will build your running up slowly and progressively is key. The correct training plan for your ability will help to give you something to aim for each run, will keep you on track and will help prevent you doing too much too soon.

2 Keep it steady

The most common mistake made by new runners is to head out the door brimming with enthusiasm and start running at full pelt. This will only result in you feeling out of breath and thoroughly disheartened within about 30 seconds. When you first start out, a slow jog is all that’s needed. Aim to run at a pace at which you could still hold a conversation.

3 Build up gradually

Trying to push yourself too far too soon will leave you feeling at best, disheartened, and at worst, injured. You may have heard of the ten per cent rule – you should never increase your weekly mileage by more that ten per cent. So, if you currently run five miles a week, the most you should increase to the following week is five and a half miles. It may sound like slow progress, but it will help prevent you having to take time out from running completely due to injury.

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  • Scott Leach

    There was recent research that was pretty clear that you can safely up your running by 20% without injury. What annoys me most about running advice is that it rarely has any actual evidence behind it, hence so much advice that is completely wrong (And some of it even down right dangerous) persists

    • http://www.amphibiankingwest.com Amphibian King West

      Hey Scott, have you a link to that research? I’d like to have a read thanks.

      In general it is good advice for beginners to take their time and build slowly. If you are new to running (or exercise in general) it takes time for your body to adapt to the additional stress and strains. You also want to take time and enjoy the journey!

      • Scott Leach

        Sadly I don’t, it was in a journal I read that is in my huge stack- would take an age to find it!

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