School’s Out For Summer 100K Challenge

Can you run 100K this August?

Looking for some motivation now that the kids are off? Sign up to our 100-mile challenge and carve out some time for yourself in the sunshine! Cover 100K from August 1 – August 31 and claim your exclusive School’s Out For Summer 100K Challenge medal.

Challenge yourself this August and as long as you record your runs and submit your evidence showing a total distance of at least a 100K, we’ll send you your School’s Out For Summer 100K Challenge medal.*

Looking for more of a challenge? Try our 100-mile challenge instead here.

*Please note that the image of the medal shown here is subject to slight changes – but only better ones!


Entry is capped to 250 participants and it’s just £10 to enter, which includes delivery of your medal.

0-250 entrants – £10


How it works:

Just submit your evidence at the link in the above and we’ll send you your medal, it really is that simple.

Evidence can be a screenshot of your smartphone running app, a file upload from your running watch, or even just a photo of your tracker, showing your run.

For more information on providing your evidence, visit the Submit Your Evidence page here.

* Please note that we won’t be accepting evidence for this event until the race is completed on 31st August.