About Virtual Races

Whether you are unable to make one of our live events, or you are just looking to increase your race participation without the need for travel and expensive hotels, we have the virtual race for you. All you need to do is select your race from the list below, record your run using a running app or watch, and head back here to submit your evidence to us. Once we receive the evidence of your run, we aim to send you your medal within 30 days.

There’s some pretty cool medals up for grabs, a range of challenges to complete and some races even have bespoke t-shirts perfect to commemorate your run!

How it works:

Just submit your evidence at the link in the above and we’ll send you your medal, it really is that simple.

Evidence can be a screenshot of your smartphone running app, a file upload from your running watch, or even just a photo of your tracker, showing your run.

For more information on providing your evidence, visit the Submit Your Evidence page here.

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