Freeletics workout of the week

Boost your speed and power with this high-intensity workout from Freeletics

Bodyweight stretching exercises


  • Leg Stretch: 10 x back and forth. This will improve mobility of the rear muscle chain. Sit on the ground, legs stretched and slightly spread. Move your upper body forward, touch the ground between your feet and roll back on your back to touch the ground with your toes. Roll back into starting position. Legs stay always stretched
  • 2 x 10m Lunge Walk to prepare the muscles involved in the running movement for the higher strain because the speed increases in the next sections
  • 5 x Lunge each leg with upper body rotation. This will improve mobility of the hip. Move into a fixed lunch position. Knee is on the ground. Body is in an upright position. Take your arms up, like and U and twist your upper body first to the side of the leg which is in the front, than to the other side
  • 2 x 10m High Knees max frequency to wake up your fast twitch muscle fibres
15-minute running warm-up


  • Start with an easy run. Start slow and increase your speed the last 5min of your warmup run, to get your body used to a higher speed
4 x 100m accelerating runs

freeletics sprint

  • 4 times 100m accelerating run with 30 seconds rest rate
  • Start slow and increase your speed fluently
  • Do not run to fast at the end, as you will need energy for the next interval run
200m Freeletics Running ‘Maat’

Maat = 10x200m, with 30seconds rest

This workout is short and but effective. This workout demands your anaerobic metabolism (alactacide and lactacide) and trains the ability to run with a good technique even when your muscles are sore and tired.

Try to run all intervals in the same fast speed. Because of the short rest period, your lactacide level will increase after the first runs. However with the resting period, you will recover enough to push yourself again in the next run. Make sure your technique stays strong, no matter how tired you are or how fast you want to run


Just run 10min easy. If possible bare feet on a football field or a lawn. This will help your body to come down and the running without shoes will strengthen the muscles of your feet.

For more information on Freeletics, visit the website.

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