Five best obstacles in 2016 OCR

MR takes a look at the five best obstacles you can expect from the world of OCR this year

With more than 50 races in the UK alone, Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is spreading like wildfire. Each race brings with it different challenges, ideas, and of course, obstacles. From super slides to freezing plunges, here’s five of the best.

Toughest – Super Slide

Toughest super slideAbout: A five-storey water slide from which runners will be launched into the sky before plunging back into the ice cold water below.

Where: Pippingford Park, Surrey

When: 23 April 2016

Race Description: After dominating in the Nordics, this will be Toughest’s UK debut which will also act as a qualifier for the Obstacle Racing World Championships. The course is 8K long and will be made up of as many as 40 different new, unique and innovative obstacles.

Dirty Weekend – World’s Longest Monkey Bars

Dirty Weekend World's Longest Monkey BarsAbout: Pretty much what it says on the tin; 120m of monkey bars testing grip and upper body strength. 

Where: Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire

When: 7 May 2016

Race Description: This is the world’s largest obstacle course, with a staggering 200 obstacles covering 20 miles.

Tough Guy – Torture Chambers

Tough Guy Torture ChambersAbout: A test of both physical and mental strength. With no more than three feet in height, runners are required to crawl from one side of a dark, underground cabin while being electrocuted from dangling dagger like tentacles.

Where: Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary, South Perton Farm, South Staffordshire

When: 10 April 2016

Race Description: With 250 obstacles, Tough Guy is designed to test participant’s fears of heights, tight spaces, fire, water and electricity.

Tough Mudder – Arctic Enema

Tough Mudder Arctic EnemaAbout: The fun of a sliding start is short-lived as competitors plunge into an icy bath below. Worse yet, they will have to fully submerge themselves as they pass under a central wall to complete the obstacle.

Where: Culden Faw, Fawley, Henley on Thames

When: 30 April 2016

Race Description: A team-oriented 10-12 mile obstacle race that puts camaraderie over rankings. This race is designed to test physical strength and mental grit.

Nuclear Races – Zip Wire

Nuclear Races Para PlungeAbout: Using a zip line participants will be expected to jump and glide over 30 metres of icy cold water to reach the other side.

Where: Brentwood, Essex 

When: Next race is 14/ 15 May 2016

Race Description: Participants can choose between the 6K or the 12K course distances spread over gritty, muddy and obstacle loaded farmland.

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