Water You Know About Hydration?

Drinking over two litres of water a day can make the ultimate difference, claims a new study

We all know that drinking water is important for us, but are you aware of why this is? And more importantly, do you ensure you get enough of the healthy stuff?

The Big Bottle Company, alongside St Mary’s University in Twickenham, recently commissioned a survey to help make things clearer – so to speak – when it comes to hydrating.

The study included 100 Londoners and saw participants take two urine tests over 24 hours, with the latter test taking place after the consumption of at least two litres of water.

If you’re not already aware, two litres of water is considered to be the optimum average volume per day and is said to improve overall health and productivity.

The research was conducted in order to help prove why water intake is so important, and it’s fair to say the results and overall conclusions did indeed do this.

The statistics

A staggering 84% of those surveyed saw an increase in concentration levels after the test, while an impressive 81% also noted a perceived improvement in energy levels.

On top of that, 36% of people thought their skin felt more hydrated after upping their water intake – with 20% stating their quality of sleep had improved also.

It’s worth noting that participants varied in age and gender, so there really was a wide range of people involved in the process – making the results that bit more interesting.

The urine tests after the survey were better in most areas and, when looking at the results, it seems more focus towards consuming water can make a big difference.

Finding the truth

Professor John Brewer, the hydration expert who oversaw the research, explained: “The topic of hydration is surrounded by as much myth as fact.

“But every piece of scientific research – including this one – unequivocally shows that drinking over two litres of water each day does you a huge amount of good.”

The general manager of the Big Bottle Co, Rene Maddelena, also commented on the survey and noted the importance of water on the body and it’s processes.

“We wanted to gain real life examples of the direct benefits of doing something as simple as drinking enough water each day,” he claimed.

“So many of our fans have already experienced the increased health and wellbeing and these results confirm what we have been seeing and hearing.”

Final word

This survey highlights how water can impact the body’s performance, so it’s worth monitoring consumption throughout the day as a runner – especially when training.

And when it comes to competing, water is even more important than normal; hydrating appropriately before, during and after a race can clearly make a difference.

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