manuka honey

Jar of Manuka honey with a Manuka flower

Things you may know about Manuka honey:

  • It’s good for you
  • It’s really expensive

What you may not know, is just how good for you it is.

The Manuka bush is a tree native to New Zealand, and it’s from this bush that bees pollinate the namesake honey.

What differentiates it from your bog-standard supermarket stuff, is it’s extraordinary nutritional profile.

While all organic, raw honey provides amino acids, numerous minerals and B vitamins, the Manuka variety provides up to four times the nutritional make-up of normal honeys.

Sounds great… but what does that actually mean?

health benefits of manuka honey

In short, it means Manuka honey is bad bacteria’s worst enemy, as Dale Pinnock, ‘The Medicinal Chef‘, explains:

“Manuka honey has so many health benefits from improving digestion to boosting your energy and is a fantastic addition to a healthy lifestyle.

“When you wake up each day, whether you have the first signs of a cold or not, take two teaspoons of Manuka honey , one clove of garlic (finely chopped) and a tablespoon of water to keep the potential bacteria away.

“If the cold is already at its start then opt for the higher strength 1000+MGO Manuka honey and take the above every couple of hours to help go towards eventually eliminating the bacteria.

With the above concoction you pretty much have a potent medicine cabinet staple which can be used to fight a virus, boost your immune system or simply maintain good health in 2017!”

Manuka honeys antibacterial properties are also thought to help symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), acid reflux, eczema and tooth decay.

where can you buy it?

Pinnock reccomends Manuka Honey from The True Honey Co., because “it contains high amounts of methygloxal which has been widely studied and proven to have antibacterial and antiviral activities.”

It’s not cheap – priced from £37.99 for a 250g MGO300 – but it is a superfood of the highest order.

Manuka Honey

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