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Why beetroot juice is your new best friend


Beetroot juice is certainly leaving its imprint on the health market, and Beet It Sport, who already have a line of beetroot juices, are going one step further.

They are launching Nitrate 3000 this month, a beetroot nitrate concentrate which is then added to water to make a refreshing drink. A drink which can provide 400mg of natural dietary nitrate, equivalent to both the Beet It Sport shot and sport bar.

This drink will provide the largest natural source of dietary nitrate (3000mg) in a single unit, for those that want a regular dose to enhance stamina and sporting performance.

What do the studies say?

A study by Kansas State University has found that by taking a 2.4oz shot of Beet It (beetroot juice) two hours pre-workout can boost workout results by increasing endurance and stamina, helping users to exercise up to 16% longer.

The European Journal of Applied Physiology has reported that Nitrate (NO) enhances repeated sprint performance and may attenuate the decline in cognitive function (and specifically reaction time) that may occur during prolonged intermittent exercise.

The FASEB Journal explained that the juice works by thinning the blood so it can flow more easily to hard working muscles.

What does it taste like? 

When first opening up the bottle of concentrate, you get a real strong whiff, the smell is close to that of tomato soup, which sounds appetising, admittedly, but it’s not.

This stuff is also lethal staining wise, our digital writer managed to get a drop on his chinos, and that drop was definitely staying there. You can’t also help but think of Dracula when you’re drinking down this thick, dark red liquid, which again, is a little off putting.

In terms of taste, it’s quite odd, and it may sound obvious, but after adding water, it just tastes like a diluted version of how it smells, apart from the fact it doesn’t taste like tomato soup.

The taste itself is manageable, and much better than pond tasting spirulina, but it’s still not something you would actively choose to drink in your spare time, or at least, look forward to twice a day. Unless you really like beetroot!

Of course the other option is adding this to your daily shake or smoothie, that way you get all the benefits without the taste.

How much is it and where can I buy it from?

Beet It Nitrate 3000 is £5.99 and is launched to market from April 2015. It’s also available online from www.beet-it.com

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