Speedgolf: A Sport For Runners?

We take a quick look at Speedgolf; a faster new format of golf that could be the perfect fit for runners

Basic rules

What is Speedgolf?

Speedgolf is a faster, more athletic format of golf where players can play a full 18 holes in under 80 minutes by jogging between shots. The emerging format, which has been backed by golf’s national governing body England Golf, challenges participants to run and quickly play shots to get the lowest score possible.

How do you play it?

The aim is to achieve the lowest possible sum of shots combined with the time taken to run the golf course. This combined total then gives you an overall score. So, for example, shooting a round of 90 in a time of 70 minutes and 21 seconds would give you a Speedgolf score of 160:21. Running, finish times – all very familiar.

A few facts

Is the sport new?

It is new in the UK, and interest in the sport is growing across the globe. British Speedgolf, along with the sport’s other international communities, uses the same principal rules as devised by Speedgolf International. American Golf is also currently supporting the format in Britain in a bid to increase its appeal.

Should runners try it?

Yes! Golf has had its critics in the past and many claim it takes too long to play, and that the younger generation isn’t interested. So the beauty of Speedgolf is that it helps eliminate this stigma by shortening playing time, and getting people moving. It also involves running, which makes it ideal for the golf-obsessed runner.

Can players compete?

It is competitive, and the British Open Speedgolf Championship is taking place on 17th September at the Piltdown Golf Club in East Sussex. Interested? Registration to play in the tournament is now open so, if you feel like giving it a go, sign up here.

American Golf is a proud sponsor of British Speedgolf – for the best equipment, visit www.americangolf.co.uk.

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