CALM #RaceForAMate Virtual Run

#RaceForAMate from anywhere

Can’t make the Men’s Running CALM 10K event in Finsbury Park on October 7th? Fear not, with our virtual run you can still run the 10K and #RaceForAMate wherever you are. Open to men and women who’re running for a friend, simply run 10K over the race weekend and submit your evidence, then we’ll send you your CALM #RaceForAMate medal* direct to your door.

*Please note that the image of the medal shown here is subject to slight changes – but only better ones!


Entry is capped to 1000 participants and it’s just £12 for the first 500, with the price rising to £14 for the last 500 places.

0-500 entrants – £12

501-1000 entrants – £14

Pricing is currently at £10 but we’ll be sure to update this when the price shifts.


How it works:

Just submit your evidence at the link in the above and we’ll send you your medal, it really is that simple.

Evidence can be a screenshot of your smartphone running app, a file upload from your running watch, or even just a photo of your tracker, showing your run.

For more information on providing your evidence, visit the Submit Your Evidence page here.

* Please note that we won’t be accepting evidence for this event until the event has began on 6th October.

The live event:

Prefer to run at the live event in London’s Finsbury Park on October 7th? Click the below button or the Race tab at the top of the page to sign up today.