12min Core Workout

Carve a form-fixing core of steel in no time at all

Every runner knows the importance of a strong core; it stabilises your entire body and, as a result, fosters an efficient running action.

The trouble is, fitting extracurricular strengthening activities around running and life in general can be tricky.

Which is where this 10-minute routine fits in. You’ll have to work hard, but do this routine three times a week and you’ll have yourself a form-giving core of steel for the price of just 36 minutes every seven days.

Complete all the exercises back to back, with no rest, before resting for 30secs to 1min and repeating the circuit three to four times:

30 second side plank (each side)

side plank

60 second russian twists

Russian Twist

30 second standing oblique crunch (each side)

standing oblique crunch

60 second single-leg pelvic bridge

Single leg pelvic bridge

Workout and images courtesy of Best’s Bootcamp MD Lee Drabble.

For more info on Best’s Bootcamp, visit the website: bestsbootcamp.com


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