Soleus Go! Fitness Band

Track your daily activity with the Soleus Go!


Soleus Go! Fitness Band


What is it? This activity tracker is packed full of features. It will count your steps, exercise, calories burned and distance all at the touch of a button. It will also show the quality and length of your sleep. Sync it to your smartphone to get all the data and even the current weather.

Pros: Easy to use and intuitive, it took less than 10 minutes to get up and running. Lots of features and a really smart-looking user interface via the software.

Cons: If you want a continual time display, then the fact that you have to press a button for any data display might start to annoy you. Also, remember to change the default alarm setting or the vibration alert will have you up with the larks.

Style: It’s a sleek, black band with retro LCD display.

Value for money: Excellent

Nice touch: sync the Go! With your phone and it will tell you when you’re getting incoming calls and messages, useful if you’re carrying the phone in a back pocket.

Star rating: *****


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